Ecology, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of Mycorrhizas


Imágen Sublínea de Investigación
The mission of the sub-line is to carry out basic and strategic research aimed at promoting knowledge on the arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) symbiosis, and its application, following a multidisciplinary approach. The knowledge on AM functioning should increase due to the impact of AM symbioses in sustainable agriculture (as key factor for the sustainable production of healthy foods, representing a drastic reduction of agrochemicals inputs) and in the improvement of environmental quality (by contributing to establish and/or maintain a diverse and stable plant cover and alleviating both biotic and abiotic stresses). The current research lines will be pursued and developed by integrating the forthcoming knowledge on plant and fungal genome sequencing. This team is well prepared for technology transfer (to both nursery and inoculum producer companies). Since a “spin off” company has been founded by members of this sub-line, applied biotechnology studies on AM and ectomycorrhiza will be implemented. This will support inoculum production and applications, and commercial developments.


Arbuscular mycorrhizas; Mycorrhizosphere interactions; Mycorrhiza helper bacteria; Mycorrhizal fungal diversity; Molecular ecology; Soil quality; Signaling in mycorrhizal interactions; Nutrient transport processes; Plant water status; Osmotic stress alleviation; Heavy metal homeostasis; Priming plant defenses; Mycorrhiza induced resistance; Ecosystem restoration; Phytoremediation; Endangered plant species conservation; Mycorrizal inoculants; Nutrient cycling; Biological control; Sustainable agriculture.

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