Interactions between ethylene, SLs, GAs and BRs in symbioses of pea (Prof. Jim Reid)

2017-09-18 12:00
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Plants interact with beneficial microbes and do this through a complex feedback regulation process. This seminar will investigate how plant hormones (small, mobile growth regulators) act to regulate these interactions in peas. A range of gibberellin (GA), ethylene, brassinosteroid (BR) and strigoractone (SL) mutants will be described and used singly and in double mutant combinations to examine the way these hormones influence the development of both nodulation and arbuscular mycorrhizae. The stages influenced during the symbiotic development will be discussed. An insight into the common and divergent roles of hormones in these processes may provide researchers and breeders with new tools to maximise nutrient acquisition by both legume and non-legume crops.